25 thoughts on “Arsenal’s goals vs Barcelona 2-1”

  1. I didnt get tickets for this game but wish i did. When Arshavin scored i went absolutly mental!!! I got goosebumps and felt high cos I buzzin sooo much! Didnt get to sleep that night until about 4 cos i was on an Arsenal high!

  2. @crizpy9119 i get the same feeling everytime. despite all the crap said about Arshavin.

  3. What is it about certain moments that give everyone goosebumps? This moment (2nd goal) gave me so much goosebumps the first time I saw it live, and it still gives me goosebumps when I watch it til this day.

    It is just such a beautiful goal. From the beautiful Fabregas pass to the flawless finish by Arshavan. Just an epic moment. This is one of the best games I’ve ever seen

  4. What Guardiola is thinking @ 2:40 : I gotta get that fucking Fabgregas.

    Such an amazingly epic pass

  5. What Guardiola is thinking @ 2:40: I gotta get that fucking Fabgregas.

    Such an amazingly epic pass

  6. Bendtner is the luckiest guy in the world cuz he could saw the goals nearer than anyone else
    He should’ve paid for it

  7. I just love it when i see my two favorite teams play each other…How does robin van persie make a goal from that angle??? Valdez should of actually blocked that shot

  8. I love this clip so much, actually brings a tear to my eye when Arshavin scores the winner. I could watch it over and over all day and get goosebumps every time. Love this team.

  9. i hate how spanish fans celebrate when they score they all seem to shout OOOOOOOOOOO

  10. @gamez101 No doubt!!!

    I just wanna be at the Emirates for games like that, hopefully soon!!

  11. @RasKarim169
    I just watched it again because of your comment, and got goosbumps.. AGAIN. LMAO
    When I’m down, I just watch this video.

  12. @gamez101 Exactly!!! I still certainly do too; I actually injured my ankle from the celebration on that day. I just loved how 4 passes split Barca’s defense wide open before the 5th to Arshavin sealed their fate!!! Just watch from Koscielny’s possession; absolutely brilliant……..
    Gunners for Life!!!!!

  13. @FourFourTwoYC
    If we get Jack and Sagna back, and the team feel like winning.. I reckon we could atleast get a draw, if not.. a win.
    It’s up to Walcott and RVP, Arteta has to control the midfield.. and Gervinho has to come alive. If all of that happens, we have a great chance again.

  14. Anyone else still get goosebumps when Martin Tyler shouts.. ARSHAVIN!!.. DREAM GOAL.
    I certainly still do.

  15. I’m not even an Arsenal fan but these two goals were electrifying – what a performance!

  16. I don’t really like arsenal but they were the only team to good enough to do this last season.. if they won they would have won the champions league and probably not have lost the players they did and their form with them

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