Arsene Wenger: ‘’Arsene Wenger is hungry for titles’’

The Premier League has reached it’s 2nd half point of it’s campaign and so far, Arsenal has been dominating it as they are at the top of the English League after managing to collect 42 points from the initial 20 league games of the season.

The real test that lies ahead for Arsene Wenger and his team is to maintain their momentum and not drop any points, if they are able to do that then Arsenal will become the new champions of England and claim the English Premier League title which they haven’t accomplished since 2004 when Arsenal was going through their unbeaten season.

So, it has been over 10 years since Arsene Wenger has won the Premier League and the Frenchman recently stated that not only him but his squad is hungry to win it back as well as lift more pieces of silverware.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said: “We are hungry our hunger and desire is very strong. We have survived despite the fact that we have been hit by very bad injuries and have made some fantastic results. For 2016 the target is now to be the best team. One thing that is very positive is that if we are the best team from January to May, we will be very happy. That’s our target, and knowing that the Premier League is an extremely competitive league, and looking at the results around you, of course you know that you need to put in the effort to be competitive in every game’’

The latest big European title that Arsenal won was the FA Community Shield as they claimed a 1-0 triumph over Chelsea in a match that was played on August 2 of 2015 at the Wembley Stadium in London and the Premier League is the next really significant European silverware which is in the radar and it’s actually within the reach of Arsene Wenger and his squad.