The head chief of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis believes that it will be difficult to improve the team

Arsenal just finished going through a season which was actually considered to be an impressive one for Arsene Wenger and his team as they managed to win the FA Cup for a 2nd consecutive year and finished at the 3rd spot of the Premier League.

Even though Arsene Wenger still has not managed to win the Premier League title in over 8 years, Arsenal still concluded the past season strong and the players as well as the supporters of the club were proud of what was accomplished during that period of time.

The summer transfer window is approaching and managers are preparing their respective squads by searching around the transfer market and signing new players but according to one of the executives of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis believes that improving the team even further will be difficult as the Premier League club already has a strong team.

Arsenal’s Ivan Gazidis spoke about the current position of the club in relation to signing new players and he said: “We’ve built quietly and without a lot of fanfare a good and deep squad. Now this summer is quite a delicate one for us, because it’s easy to improve when you’ve got obvious weaknesses, but I feel we’ve got a very good and strong squad across all positions. We’ve got a very healthy age profile, it’s a young squad and we’re in great contract positions as well, lots of long contracts, not too many people we have many issues with contract wise. The challenge for us, and what a great challenge to have, is how you improve that.

Arsene Wenger does indeed have a good squad at his disposal but they still have struggled trying to compete against Europe’s elite. Arsenal has never won the Champions League and they still appear to be not good enough to lift the Premier League title.

The Champions League and the Premier League title are some of the major pieces of silverware that Arsenal or any club need to lift in order to be truly considered as one of Europe’s finest and even though Arsene Wenger has a strong squad it will be very difficult for them to go against the best teams in Europe and have a real chance of winning some of the bigger trophies.