Arsene Wenger has installed a ‘’injury reducing pitch’’

It has recently been revealed that the training grounds of Arsenal have sustained a big change as a new technology has been established which is expected to reduce the amount of injuries that the players of Arsenal sustain for the long term future.

When it comes to being injured, Arsene Wenger and his squad are no strangers to that as Arsenal FC is probably one of the Premier League clubs that have to deal with the most amount of injured players and this is something that does not occur on a few particular years but it’s a ongoing trend that continued to happen and has seriously hampered the clubs’ chances of snatching the Premier League as well as many other big pieces of silverware.

Ian Wright is a former Arsenal player who has played with various English clubs including: Crystal Palace and West Ham United as well as performing for the England national football team and he has recently talked about this injury problem of Arsenal as the retired footballer went on to say:

“For me, that has got to have something to do with it. We’re in London, close to the top, top surgeons and doctors in the world. With the facilities we have got at the training ground it is worrying how many injuries we get and how long it takes out players to get back. If the training ground is hard and players have said it then they have got to look at that. With the players Arsenal are signing at the moment you want to make sure you can keep them on the pitch as often as you can.”

This injury reducing pitch that has recently been installed in the training grounds of Arsenal is said to reduce injuries up to 40%. It’s believed that Arsene Wenger had already been testing out this turf for around 2 years and has now decided to give it the green light to be utilized at the Emirates Stadium.

The recently installed pitch consists of 150 billion synthetic microfibers and natural granulated cork that retains year-round stability and does not wear out despite how much use it gets. This unique type of soil is expected to lower the chance of players getting their joints tired as well as their muscles not experiencing as much fatigue as usual.