24 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas’ 57 Arsenal Goals 2003/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #3”

  1. @otolk – That’s not what happened at all? It was a dull game and Fabregas came on, scored two goals, then Diaby scored a third and we won 3-0.

  2. goal # 40 and 41 vs aston villa were the greatest goals considering the circumstances down 2-0 and fabregas to save us…….. ill forever miss him

  3. where do you guys get details from?! Like what all teams he scored against and in what order??Any particular website which keep goalscoring stats for all players?!!!

  4. The most I love is – the goal againts Spurs. Beautiful … I am a United fan !:)

  5. @I3uzu sorry but thats wrong, that game was a 0-0 draw, just checked about 5 websites and it proved im right, i will give you them if you like.

  6. i dont wanna be an ass or something but you forgot 1 goal , vs aston villa in 09/10 season when they played at villa park and came 1-1 , he had scored the opener

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