25 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere – Arsenal # 10 Future Captain HD”

  1. Walcott’s Speed at 2:30 :0 haha but Jack Wilshere is the future if Football in England and Arsenal I live the aging style he had

  2. if comments come close to killing you then you just have a very weak heart

  3. Twice I believe….I’m assuming Wilshere has the ability to make the impossible happen.

  4. dont worry about the people hating on the song choice, if they dont like it they can hit mute. retards. keep the arsenal vids coming!

  5. No, he will sign for Liverpool and be the new Gerrard equivalent to Liverpool ;O)

  6. i don’t think cesc “loves” arsenal, he just like it. remember he had been trying move to barcelona a few years before he definitely could go there.. i’m not saying he is a traitor nevertheless i think he doesn’t love the club.

  7. Fabregas loves Arsenal even thou he went to Barcelona, Just like Thierry Henry.

  8. Jacky Boy…

    As good as the performances have been I am still uneasy about the hype. Still he may (might) become a greater centre mid than Lampard or Gerrard. Time will surely tell…

  9. Arsenal 1-0 Qpr great player come Jack Wilshere help pass will future, thank you i am happy with arsenal.

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