25 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere – Forever Arsenal”

  1. Mate, If you wanna see those kinds of Wilshere comps there are plenty of other videos on youtube, including some on my other channels. Just quit moaning about it.

  2. How can this video get so many thumps up? The only thing the video shows, is how Wilshere looks like when he celebrates..

  3. He is great but he cant carry arsenal alone. We need somebody to move the ball forward along with him.

  4. love 1:54 shows how much passion he has, crying after loosing a final at the young age of 19, he obviously doesn’t notice he’s good enough to go to loads more finals at wembley

  5. Dear uploader,
    you make some of the best videos I’ve seen…….. could you make one on Tony Adams?
    A Gooner

  6. f you play this vid with no sound, and open annother page with this link:
    youtube.com/watch?v=XYKUeZQbMF0. and you play Heart of Courage and this vid with no sound you got a hit! 😀 sounds amazing !!!

  7. If you are talking about the scene of him in the stands that was the first game of the season this year against sunderland. Im pretty sure it was around the 60 minute. I remember that because I went crazy cause I havnt seen him in a year.

  8. In what game is he at 1:23 plzz tell me i can’t remember and i want to use it for my new video

  9. Wilshere is like the son of the king. He is just waiting for his moment, and once he gets the throne (captaincy) after being well prepared, he will lead our team for the next 10+ years.

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