1. @omkar415star To be honest you can’t really criticize Henry… his family life was in a bad place, he gave us all he had, and lets be honest he probably wouldnt have been able to keep up his level of performances much longer, true legend. He just need a change of scenery and Barca provided that, the man has a Statue outside the ground for God Sake 😛

  2. Hold on the legend talk people, one good season, let’s see what happens. Did enjoy his play last year. Really did not have a problem with fab going because of Ramsey and wilshere.

  3. Looks 12, plays like he’s 30. As a Liverpool fan he’s a very very very special player

  4. There is absolutely nothing more reliable and trustworthy than the promise of a teenager…

  5. @WithdrawnKC …thats grand, i live in ireland so im not too close to london either, great volley by RVP today, superb ball by song we’ve got 3 points cmon arsenal man city next week!

  6. @fixed11 Hell yeah! I wish I lived in London by the Emirates, but sadly I’m american 😛

  7. @omkar415star what are you talking about!!! Henry’s loyalty will always be with arsenal….look carefully during our matches you’ll most likely see him……he is a true gunner…….and even when he went to barca…..remember the match arsenal v barca? he didnt even want to play…..then the crowd gave him a standing ovation…..

  8. Arsenal will and always provide legends
    Wilshere is going to be the next big thing. i hope his loyalty remains to the club
    not like Henry, Vierra, Fabregas, Nasri !

  9. This guy is faster than Fabregas. Has his vision and technique. He is stronger and more aggressive. He is a better tackler too. But more importantly, he’s a Gooner through and through.

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