Lukas Podolski from Top to Substitute Player this season

Lukas Podolski has gone from making 33 appearances in his debut season with Arsenal to now only being a substitute player with a few minutes of playing time in certain matches. The German forward is not happy with his current situation at the Emirates Stadium as he has already voiced his frustration about his position in the Premier League club and rumors began to spread around as to where Podolski could move if he continues playing a back-up option but it has now been revealed by Arsene Wenger that Podolski is not for sale.

“He plays a position where there is a big competition. He came very late from his holidays in the summer. He started after his team-mates and was not good physically’’

“It’s not established at all that he will leave at Christmas. It was me who sets the price and it. He is not for sale and there is no offer. Today’s newspapers have an advantage. They know more than us. But the story is completely fabricated.”Arsene Wenger told the media as the French manager of Arsenal responded to question concerning the future of Lukas Podolski.

The German attacker has a contract with Arsenal that expires in 2016 and according to Wenger; the player is not up for sale for the time being. However, if Podolski continues being nothing more than a substitute player then it would simply be better for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to sell Podolski as they would receive the cash injection needed in order to sign other targets in the January transfer window.

There are a number of players that Arsene Wenger is interested in signing which can upgrade the quality of the squad and solve some of the weaknesses that they have been displaying recently and this can be settled by selling fringe players in order to create space and enough money to sign those desired targets.