25 thoughts on “podolski top 5 goals for arsenal”

  1. yea…. always the same crap… when i have 2 players that are equal to
    one. its better to have 2! how will van persie split up? wait for it in
    2014 when Lukas is back and can njoy the ball-game with his old mate
    Özil!!! Why he did it bad? Pos1 can’t be that bad….

  2. Thanks you Gunners! u bring back the Lukas we all missed since 2006! He
    plays for goals and the fame not the money… he still is hungry 2014 is
    our year!

  3. arsene wenger brought 2 strikers podolski 16million and Giroud 17million,i
    didnt say their flop but Mr wenger made big mistake selling world class
    proven striker van persie just 22million so wenger failed badly.

  4. people call him a flop because he doesn’t score enough goals but if you
    watch him for 90 mins he is lethal with movement and physical in the 90 mins

  5. The Montpellier goal should have been number 1. Those kind of long shots
    are surprisingly common.

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