25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Legend All Arsenal Goals Part 1”

  1. Even his first goal was a beauty, like his countless others. I can’t
    believe idiots actually compare a tap-in scorer like van Nistelrooy to him.
    Henry constantly scored goals that were goal-of-the-season contenders,
    whereas van Nistelrooy scored 95% tap ins.

  2. Brings me to tears every time i watch his goals, for arsenal fans he’s
    better than messi and cristiano combined.
    look at those fans celebrating before the ball hits the net, just love this
    thank you titi for all the years and memories, forever an arsenal legend 

  3. No matter what team you support, or whether you love him or hate him, Henry
    is the best premier league player of all time.

  4. Thank you so much for leaving in the commentary! No shitty generic music
    here. I love this video but I’m not even an Arsenal fan. Best PL striker

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