25 thoughts on “Top 10 Arsenal Goals 08-09”

  1. @GUNNERZ3788 Hahahaha ya i Know I Hate Manchester ­čśŤ Thx for FABREGAS !´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  2. @ymaarrawi 6-1 at home is worse than 8-2 away with injuries HAHAHAH ´╗┐

  3. asenal the best team to watch how we ripp other teams up woth our passing and attacking display´╗┐ is amazing the of the ball runs are amzing you need big shoudlers at arsenal the cannon is heavy.THUMBS UP

  4. van´╗┐ persie vs liverpool shud be NUMBER 1 how much skill does that take to turn nothing into sumthing plus what a touch!!!

  5. im latino american, i love arsenal from ljunberg, henry, pires, veira, lehman, bergkamp, and so on were there. i also like the current players, im´╗┐ an arsenal fan to the death. great vid by the way and music too.

  6. Fabregas leaves = Big Cannon leaves

    I hope he really´╗┐ stays in the team…

  7. Not even one player in the premier league gave´╗┐ Liverpool a harder time than Mr Arshavin.

  8. UHH shame´╗┐ you can’t win anything though! pfft Arse-nal pfft. Nice name dudes ­čśë

  9. Van Persie was up there with Messi and Ronaldo that year.. If he hadn’t have gotten hurt the last few´╗┐ years he’d absolutely be considered by everyone a top 5 player in the world, and i still do.

  10. @rayman382 start talkin shit like that´╗┐ when u get above us dick ed

  11. van´╗┐ persie!!…datscalled a center forward…just finish it off..!!

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