25 thoughts on “Top 10 Arsenal Goals 08-09”

  1. @GUNNERZ3788 Hahahaha ya i Know I Hate Manchester 😛 Thx for FABREGAS ! 😀

  2. asenal the best team to watch how we ripp other teams up woth our passing and attacking display is amazing the of the ball runs are amzing you need big shoudlers at arsenal the cannon is heavy.THUMBS UP

  3. van persie vs liverpool shud be NUMBER 1 how much skill does that take to turn nothing into sumthing plus what a touch!!!

  4. im latino american, i love arsenal from ljunberg, henry, pires, veira, lehman, bergkamp, and so on were there. i also like the current players, im an arsenal fan to the death. great vid by the way and music too.

  5. Fabregas leaves = Big Cannon leaves

    I hope he really stays in the team…

  6. Not even one player in the premier league gave Liverpool a harder time than Mr Arshavin.

  7. UHH shame you can’t win anything though! pfft Arse-nal pfft. Nice name dudes 😉

  8. Van Persie was up there with Messi and Ronaldo that year.. If he hadn’t have gotten hurt the last few years he’d absolutely be considered by everyone a top 5 player in the world, and i still do.

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