22 thoughts on “Arsenal 1 v QPR 0 – we were comfortable – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. I want a chelsea fucking tv why dont we get that ffs arsenaltv looks hard damn it!

  2. This guy is a passionate Arsenal fan, he talks sense and always supports his team. I’m happy we have fans like him cheering on the boys every away game; He is level headed and make good points. If only we had a lot more fans like him instead of the spoilt ones who think Arsenal have a devine right to win things every year. The Wenger Out fans are annoying and the ones that pick on certain players are not great fans.

  3. Love this guy! Keep up the great work guys! From Australia with love 🙂

  4. This guy is class. Funny guy, true gooner and a joy to watch his interviews. Not forgetting good ol’ Robbie posing the questions. Nice!!!!

  5. I know, but did tottenham stop us from snaping up their captain……NO

  6. Townsed lets snap him up great young winger with an eye for a goal,Fancy feet and for fuck sake a winger who can cross with both feet.

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