This summer is expected to bring out the manager merry-go-round, which could see Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger end up at PSG. It is looking increasingly likely that PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti will leave the club for Real Madrid in the summer. The Spanish club are widely expected to sack José Mourinho, who will be heading to Chelsea if that is the case. PSG are thought to have drawn a long list of potential successors for Ancelotti and Wenger is thought to be high on the list.

The 63-year-old has rejected any speculation of him moving to PSG by saying that he wants to stay at Arsenal until the end of his contract. His contract is one of the main reasons for the increased speculation. It comes to an end in the summer of 2014 and there has been no indication from Wenger that he is ready to sign a new contract. He has been facing a torrent of abuse from several Arsenal supporters this year. Hence, there have been suggestions that Wenger may finally decide to call it a day at Arsenal. The Frenchman, though, has rejected speculation by saying that he wants to see out his contract.

“I have had no contact with PSG. Carlo Ancelotti has done a good job and I do not see why he would leave the club by viewing the quality of his work this season. I followed their season. They have built their success on a form of individual superiority and the collective one that they found through the Champions League. In Ligue 1, they had a quite difficult journey. And for my part, I have a contract with Arsenal, where I have served for 17 years and I do not see myself leaving the club like a thief and not respecting my contract,” said Wenger.