25 thoughts on “Dennis Bergkamp’s 120 Arsenal Goals 1995/2006 | QuickfireGoals Episode #6”

  1. I know this is quickfire goals and i know it’s impossible to pick only THREE for this.. but the sunderland goal, the newcastle goal and the birmingham chip NEEDED to have replays!!

  2. @MrOllie1roddy I think I might have seen one in there that was only really good instead of really really really good. Maybe.

  3. Great idea for a video but very poorly executed with squashed and grainy, very badly edited shots.

  4. Excellent – what gorgeous ball control, shooting and finishing.

    Now I want to see one of all of his assists. His passing was just as magnificent

  5. One of the most underrated players ever to play in the English leagues. Wonderful player, unselfish, model professional and magnificent goals. Compare his first 100 goals to RVP’s and it’s worlds apart.

  6. The technique he’s got is just unbelievable, Even the best players in the world right now would find it difficult to match it.

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