25 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere, Arsenal’s prodigy”

  1. @englandlampard it’ll be a wilshere and ravel morrison (as long he doesn’t get arrested) who will be leading England.

  2. Currently only Fabregas is better wich is lucky since they both Arsenal players lol but in few years I think Jacky boy will match Fabregas, to advance past Fabregas will be some acomplishment if any one he can but no one has come close yet

  3. jack is the best futur midfielder in the world.
    i hope one day he’ll lead England at the victory in a world cup.
    i say that and i am a chelsea’s fan so it shows that wilshere is really the best and nobody can say the contrary.

  4. The question was already answered correctly a couple of times. It was Clichy. I saw the game live. Look up the game reports if you still have doubts.

  5. wenger has described him as the new wayne rooney.. capello has talked about possibly bringing him to a world cup at just 17.. he is gonna be a world class player

  6. take him to the world cuop, but unlike walcot going to his first major championship actualy give him a game

  7. i love that god created jack wilshere because he was missing liam brady, nice video too

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