25 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere || Arsenal’s Future || HD ||”

  1. @Destroymyclunge dunno? i suppose you could write you arent beaching copyright rules by making a profit out of the vi in the description or edit the vid a bit visually so it doesnt look like vid on the place you lifted it from.

  2. @Scudeyyy i made a van persie video, but they deleted it :/
    how do you keep it there so it doesnt get deleted?

  3. @Destroymyclunge cheers mate. im making a van persie vid at the moment. check it out and tell me what you think when its up 🙂

  4. @Scudeyyy After todays performance….don’t judge too quickly its football, takes time to gel a team

  5. @GLOBAL11th After yesterday’s performance, that would be a resounding no. Sort it out Wenger!!

  6. too bad both fabregas and nasri left…. i really hope wenger knows what he’s doing.

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  8. @ElSkinsio yeh. I’m hoping he steps up this season. can’t wait to see what he does without fabregas (arguably) holding him back.

  9. Wish that volley against Celtic had gone in. Or the header off the rebound. Playing a 1-2 with the crossbar is pretty cool.

  10. @arsenalammerud imovie. free on a mac. final cut and sony vegas are probably better but they cost money so..

  11. @Wasserfall39 and Fabregas staying with another centre back = Man utd + chelsea + man city + liverpool +spurs crying their eyes out.

  12. @Scudeyyy Im really happy that Nasri left in Arsenal. Nasri, Wilshere, Teo, Vermallen, Song and other will bring
    the WIN of EPL in next season, i hope lol

  13. @Wasserfall39 Thats why i put the tune up 🙂 haha. But turns out that Nasri will 100% be an arsenal player next season and Wenger has no intention of selling Fabregas who “loves arsenal” and the man himself says he will “make it up to the fans” for being injured. And weve got Gervinho. If Wilshere steps it up next season we’ll be invincible (in theory) loool

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