16 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Sunderland 2-1 – Robin Van Persie (16-10-11)”

  1. @ MrFaryz is it against the law for a muslim to say jesus, you mustafa. besides jesus was in koran albeit in a diff role cos muslims like to piss everyone off. so whats the matter???? div

  2. He deserves to have his picture and name on the side of Emirates Stadium where they have the legends without a doubt!

  3. @DaGunnersRvP All talk? So giving your 100% every game, scoring 28 goals in your last 34 games and stating in every interview that you love the club isn’t commitment enough? Give this man a breake, if he loves the club he will surely sign a new contract soon. If not, then he’s got other plans for his life. It doesn’t mean that he’s been talking bullshit. Life’s not that black and white.

  4. let him do want he wants. lets respect him like he respects the club.

  5. @50N3RD0G4N dude he`s 28 , villa when he was bought to barcelona he signed a 5yr deal and he was already 29 …. i think that until 34/33 he can be a great player

  6. Take care. My captain.You seems sick. I am a Arsenal fan. I am happy that you are committed with the club. I hope you can sign the contract and stay. You are a good good captain of Arsenal.

  7. I an Arsenal fan’ Do you think he will stay?? Not Sure with Barcelona’ Man city’ real Madrid looking!! And also be the best striker in the world! very difficult’ Someones going to offer the 60 or 70 million which he’s worth every penny!

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