25 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere – Pass Master”

  1. Maybe if Rooney wasn’t a fat oaf, Wilshere would’ve had a handful of
    assists over the international break. It’s fantastic to see him stepping up
    this season, hope he keeps it up.

  2. When people tell me wilshere doesn’t have the range to play as a CM in the
    mould of a Luka Modric, i’ll simply link them this video.

  3. I think Wilshere makes passes or throughballs that he supposed to make, but
    I’ve never really seen him break defenses with his passing. I think he
    needs to look at tapes of the best like Iniesta, Modric, Xavi, etc. Not
    Lampard, Gerrard, etc. 

  4. Notice one thing. Arsenal has no natural finisher. Great build up,
    rubbish finishing

  5. I feel like this video just shows the incompetence of Arsenal forwards. The
    finishing is just awful. 

  6. People talking about Wilshere’s lack of assists in the comments below,
    theres a reason for that. His creative output within a game is not that
    great and his final ball is poor. These are his best from the day he made
    his debut off course it’ll look like he’s this creative monster. You can do
    one of Cesc or Ramsey last season alone and it’ll properly hit the 20
    minute mark because their creative output and final pass is alot better
    than Jack’s. He’s improved it this season i must say but he’s simply not an
    assist player not a bad thing either should focus on emulating Modric or
    Iniesta and starting becoming more intelligent with and without the ball
    and knowing when to tackle or dribble and when not to

  7. Play wilshere and ramsey together in the middle and teach both to defend
    better they can become a decent duo such as kroos and modric lampard and
    Gerrard (england) schweinsteiger and kroos and this doesn’t mean özil has
    to go on the left we can play 4231 he can be CAM. 

  8. What a complete waste of strikers we have had-Bendtner, Arshavin, chamack,
    Giroud, Rooney and Walcott as mush as I hate to say it- have all been the
    reason why wilshere has been underachieving and more importantly why
    arsenal have been struggling in big games. The purpose of a midfielder is
    to defend whilst at the same time creating chances for the team. Having
    seen the chances jack has created for the forwards for the past 7 years I
    can confidently say that, had he played behind players such as
    cavani/benzema/ibrahimovic/lewandoski he would have at least had 80-90
    assist which would have contributed to the success of the team. 

  9. That Bendtner touch from Wilshere’s outside of the boot pass in the last
    minute at Nou Camp still gives me nightmares. 

  10. What a magnificient conversion rate… Oh my gosh that’s embarrasing… 

  11. Can someone please tell me why there’s two different channels about Arsenal
    with the exact same username “Culann Davies” on youtube ? Are they the same
    person ? The channel are exactly on the same subject. Yet I prefer this one

  12. Had the players who Wilshere fed with those balls had scored, his assist
    tally would be much, much higher

  13. Jack Wilshere needs to get back on the cocaine again and start playing like

  14. I gotta say though, Cesc did have a great influence on his passing game.
    Also with the support of top quality players like song, rvp, cesc, rosicky
    and nasri, this guy’s confidence was just amazing, did you see his
    performance vs Barca. 

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