25 thoughts on “Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal | Robin van Persie goals delight Arsene Wenger”

  1. @jackravin1 Robin will stay. He would only go to Barca and he knows that Messi has an almost un-takable position there. With a fully healthy and in form team Arsenal can make it to semi-finals at minimum. Plus get one of the domestic trophies.

  2. @Capesports4 whats the point in arsenal goin the champions league there just goin to get knocked and not win anything then robin van persie will go then wengers team will be to crap n lose most games then wenger will get sack

  3. @TheFootballDaily Dam! prediction of 4-0 Arsenal after 90 was so close!, i really belived it… & im a Chelsea fan lol…hope for 3-0 v Napoli. Great game though

  4. @superyoshigame Chelsea ain’t big either arsenal(are still good) and chelsea(used to be good now just sucks) are around there

  5. @CR7club There a big Club like real Barcelona Chelsea Man utd And Bayern 3rd Richest in the world

  6. @666VivaElCid If they get a couple of early goals Milan could start to get nervous, then it’s game on!

  7. @TheFootballDaily Sure would, hopefully Arsenal score very early to set up the match.

  8. @TheFootballDaily Sure but 4th is not an achievement, although im betting Arsenal to beat Millan 4-0

  9. @jackravin1 Wenger has won 3 league titles, 4 FA Cups and 4 Community Shield’s. He brought the team back from the brink and can easily bring them to third. Also our owner isn’t a twat like Abramovich.

  10. @666VivaElCid Maybe that’s why Arsenal are above Chelsea now, Wenger is given the backing of the club whereas AVB never had it!

  11. @TheFootballDaily 4-0 Arsenal after 90min then Ibra will score in extra time

  12. @TheFootballDaily No they dont have a chance remember arsenal is still a small club :’)

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