25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – Arsenal Captain 2011/12”

  1. fantastic player! he’s lifted arsenal up to 5th place almost by himself this season! still hope to give arsenal some competition for the 4th spot;) from a liverpool supporter

  2. this video should be called “Robin Van Persie – Arsenal Captain 2011/12 feat. Gervinho”

  3. RVP should win the Balon d’Or.. Messi and Ronaldo are both great players, but are surrounded by great players. Unlike Van Persie who lost his midfield. So he’s setting up goals for his team that is rebuilding. His goal scoring record is unbelievable. Computer’s dont watch the game.. they just look at the stats.

  4. Robin van Persie Please don’t leave your place in the Arsenal

    Gunner forever from Saudia Arabia

  5. Look at that jerks in the background ar 0:54 … By the way fantastic video mate. 🙂

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