25 thoughts on “Tomas Rosicky – All Goals For Arsenal 2006-2014”

  1. can’t believe wenger isn’t starting him. he’s the best midfielder we have
    and wenger repeatedly picks ozil, cazorla and wilshere over him. it’s
    ridiculous. i’d hate to see rosicky go but I can see it happening, and i
    wouldn’t blame him.

  2. I was happiest for him when we won the cup he had been waiting longest. I
    got him on my shirt for 2014/15 

  3. Always has been and ALWAYS will be my favourite player!!! I do not know why
    Wenger does not play him more (Granted I know he has an injury)… Rosicky,
    Podolski, Campbell and Diaby.. The most under played people in Arsenal with
    the greatest amount of talent..

  4. Most underated player in the history of time. Long shot screamers, constant
    passes always popping up in areas where nobody expected him quick,
    dazziling. Even at 33 he is a nightmare for any defence in the world. Could
    have been best in the world but bad injurys stoped him

  5. This video brought a tear to my eye. Tomás don’t get enough cred. Instant

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