Wengar Confident In Continued Arsenal Management

The future of Arsene Wenger in the club has been under a lot speculation for the past few weeks and even months as the French coach have not secured a single piece of major silverware since 2005 when Arsenal won the FA Cup.

Things may change for Arsenal and Wenger on May 17th when they play against Hull City in the finals of the FA Cup. Many people started to believe that the French coach would only initiate talks about his contract with the club after the finals of the FA Cup was played but Wenger confirmed that despite what the outcome of that match is, he will remain in charge of Arsenal’s squad.

“I’ve said many times my word is my word. I’m from a period where you didn’t need a pen to commit. You will see me again. It’s not linked to the FA Cup final. It was important, of course, to be in the Champions League that’s for sure. I’ve had no moments of doubt. If I had moments of doubt it would have been a few years ago when I had to say no to many offers and commit to this club and I was under a lot of pressure.” Wenger said.

This past season has seen Arsenal dropping from the top of the Premier League to the 4th spot but Wenger remains hopeful of what’s to come for the club as they managed to get into the Champions League and finished the campaign by securing a 2-0 triumph against Norwich in the last match of the season. This victory against Norwich was the 5th consecutive victory for Arsenal after they had already grabbed crucial successive wins over West Ham United, Hull, Newcastle United and West Bromwich.