25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie Interview after red card barcelona-arsenal”

  1. Do any of you actually think Arsenal would’ve won?
    0 shots on goal, the whole match.

  2. Sending him off meant certain victory for Barca. That the ref didn’t even
    wait to weigh the consequence for ending the tie on such a trivial issue,
    even if it were a true offense, shows what it was really about.

  3. fuck barcelona, arsenal deserved to win that match. and united would have
    won that UCL final that year

  4. Drogba: “Most Barcelona fans are 12 year old kids who just started watching
    Football yesterday.”

  5. Shit happens. Let wait for Barca to run out of money for referees. Cheers
    for you and whatever club you support. As long as it’s not Barcelona.

  6. hahahah XD and united and city got knocked out by teams like basel,benfica
    and napoli XD chelseas cl “win” was a fluke, worst winner ever, barca and
    bayern both should have scored 6 or 7 against them, it was miracle after
    miracle that saved them, nothing ells

  7. You must be a moron. Have you seen barcelona vs manchester united. They
    destroyed. Its nice to see the english media destroying barcelona because
    they want their clubs to be the best. Quoting everything mourinho says and
    just repeating it on the internet and one the news. Thats just completely
    retarded what would barcelona gain from all these help? revenue? im sorry
    but real madrid and manchester united are more valuable and richer clubs
    then barcelona. Idiocy runs deep in this one

  8. So I’m just watching Barca Milan game right now and Alexis Sanchez had
    totally same situation. No card.

  9. no they are not, ppl are jealous of them, arsenal didnt have a shot on goal
    and this joke is crying about referees, barc got cheated many times as
    well, as every other team, referess do mistakes in every single game…so
    its jealousy when ppl talk about barca and referees

  10. sorry dude, but if you think that you have no clue about football…
    barcelona only won titels with MUCH help of referee decisions…

  11. I thought of RVP’s sending off as soon as i saw that. Sanchez took even
    longer than RVP!

  12. They played the best football when they knew how to avoid being tackled
    with physical contact. Every clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona
    results in more than 5 yellow cards for each side. What a joke. The only
    ones who are clueless are them who think it is a sport to go down easy and
    try to get the opposition booked.

  13. lol just keep it shut before you really embarrass yourself and make
    yourself look more stupid.

  14. fuck off! dont offend me saying i have no clue about football when u dont
    even know me i would bet my life that i know more about football than you,
    i have my coaching licenses and im only 19 ive managed a semi pro team i
    watch football almost everyday and i regulary go to old trafford to watch
    the biggest club on earth what about you? Barcelonas team is the greatest
    we have all seen and played the best football we have ever seen and have
    the greatest player ever MESSI. im not a barca fan btw.

  15. i really dislike rvp now tht he left arsenal to man u… but when this
    happened i was shocked no way thts a red!!!! 1 second in between!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. what are you talking about? spain plays the best football on national and
    international level, you are just a clueless 14 year old premier league
    fanboy, you know nothing about football

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