25 thoughts on “Arsenal F.C. Robin van Persie plays table tennis”

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  2. vriend dat is meestal zo dat je voor de speler bent die bij jou club heeft

  3. its nothing weird if you are right handed and play with left etc.. im left
    handed and i play with my right foot i also do everything else with my
    right hand apart from things like writing, eating etc.

  4. yh u wish i played for my country and if ur playin a guy whos been training
    all his life like this guy of the u21 than for sure u gonna lose :/

  5. @socmus I think he is right handed. Well, iam left footed but right
    handed…it is possibly

  6. i agree with u.. y they want to rape the prostitute if they are abley to
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  7. and god said to avraam: you will kill your son aisak and avraam said: i
    can’t hear you have to speak into the microphone and god said: oh i’m sorry
    is this better?? anyway good play Van Persie

  8. @LuisJ11 more respectable than not scoring any points at all like a
    majority of the population would! and to be honest i think the fact that he
    got any points at all against the U21 national champion was pretty

  9. Yeh, I’m the same….A few orthodoxed footed players are the same. Messi –
    Left footed – Right Handed Fabregas – Right Footed – Left Handed

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