Arsenal’s start to the ongoing season was so promising. The way they played till the end of last year, people were almost certain that they would end their trophy drought this season. But, unfortunately, things changed completely for the Gunners in 2014. They horribly lost their form and from one of the top contenders for the Premier League title, they suddenly became a team struggling for a Champions League spot.

In Football, whenever a team fails, the manager has to take the responsibility because he is the man who is in charge of things, but, not everything is in the hands of a manager. Yes, he is responsible for the tactics being used out there by the players, he is responsible for the selection of personnel, but, he is not responsible for how the players execute a certain plan on the pitch.

In Arsenal’s case, most of their failures off late have come because of the poor execution of plans. The players whom the manager Arsene Wenger was banking upon have just not managed to deliver which is not his fault, but, unfortunately, it’s him who is being criticized or rather crucified by the British media.

If some reports are to be believed, now the Arsenal board is also losing patience and they might have to think again over the extension of Wenger’s contract.

The Gunners still can win a title this season though. They are in the semi final of the FA Cup where they will be facing the reigning champions Wigan Athletic. It’s very important for Wenger to win this tie and then, win the final too. If he does so, not only would he be able to silence his critics, but, he would certainly be offered a new deal by the Arsenal board.