25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie volley vs Everton”

  1. half a second before i had a shot i was like this is gonna be like the goal
    van persie scored against everton, and it was eliminated perfectly. i was
    in joy :-D

  2. Yes I am an Arsenal fan but you can’t say there not good when they’ve been
    in the top four since 1992 come on

  3. Technically he played 1 quality season and spent 7 in the fucking medical
    room. So yeah

  4. I could watch this at least 6,553 times and never get bored of it. Absolute
    class. Man Utd fan speaking here but in all honestly I admire Wenger more.
    He never gets the recognition he deserves and for him to maintain profits
    or at least break even along with top 4 finishes every season and on top of
    that getting the best out of players he ranks up there with the best. He
    has produced one of the all time greats in Thierry Henry who for me ranks
    in the top 5 of all time.

  5. Bitch please. Rooney to RVP. RVP #20 and United #20 Good luck getting
    third, really hope chelsea don’t get it

  6. I love how at 0:14 Van Persie looked back at the goal like ‘Holy shit did I
    just do that?!’

  7. There is rivalry, the fans still resent each other. There’s hostility
    between the clubs and the fans. Don’t pretend their isn’t, that’s why the
    utd fans celebrate when Arsenal loose or Drop points or try and rub it in
    etc. Wake up

  8. If he moved to Juventus or Barcelona, what difference does it make, both
    those team could destroy Arsenal as of now.

  9. I have to say the one against Villa today was better than this and the
    Charlton volley and here’s why. First off the pass was behind the half way
    line and second his volley was done outside the box. You can’t beat that.

  10. Actually, they are a great team. A great team is like a big club, and you
    can’t seriously mean that Arsenal isn’t a big club? They are a great team.
    So what, they haven’t won anything the last 7 years. They are still a great
    team. They produce quality players, sell them, and still stay in the top 5
    almost every season.

  11. Arsenal is the last tema to defeat both Bayern München and Borussia
    Dortmund in the UCL.

  12. Judas you must be an Arsenal fan, todays goal faster and attractive. Did
    you also notice he scored from the same angles?

  13. Trophies dosen’t mean you’re a great team or player. Arsenal have finished
    in the top 6 for a long time. They are very stable. They sell key players
    like van Persie, Fabregas, Song, etc, and yet, they are still in the top 6
    almost every year.

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