25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC | Amazing goals by Robin van Persie 2004 / 2011”

  1. @MegaArsenal4 I think that was a good goal, but for me, he doesnt show his technique in that shoot

  2. @nishchaysandhu its a shame, but im sure he will have 90 or more in the next update….IM SURE!!!!!

  3. commentary is better for videos 9 times outta 10 and this is one of those times regardless RVP is one of the greatest period

  4. @CardiacKatz This is muse! I swear it doesnt sound like them, then again im not a massive fan but i do have the resistance and it doesnt sound like that

  5. @HGregm01 Muse is the fucking bomb man, i agree tho almost every other rvp vid is ruined by the song

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